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Anyone got an extra bioshock steam key? I got a key for Natural Selection if...TwyliteSprinkle69/2 8:52AM
How do I build a PC?
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Saints Row dev admits to failures in portraying women, calls on industry change
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Tyranius2469/2 8:23AM
What happened to my computer?Drpooplol59/2 8:16AM
Prominent PC indie developer in bed with gaming journalists, and other devs Pt.2 (Closed)
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Nexus + different worlds type action RPGs?mumpsy2159/2 8:04AM
Is the ASUS Z97-A motherboard worth 30-40 USD over the ASUS Z87-A?Vmode29/2 7:49AM
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Announced (Unconfirmed for PC).
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slyman19239/2 7:26AM
Anyone know why Totalbiscuit hasn't been streaming as much recently?
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Forever Shadowed189/2 6:45AM
Halo confirmed for PC???GM_99/2 6:10AM
If I buy a Russian Origin code for Mass Effect, will the game work in English?Jedi45469/2 5:50AM
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Router and media priorizationFamous-K39/2 4:47AM
You suddenly develop a deadly allergy to Windows.
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Clashtonn189/2 2:40AM
So we all know the best i5 4690k cooler is the 212 evo...
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cigarz119/2 2:10AM
What are the best bang for your buck 140 mm case fans?Emperor_Arghos79/2 2:07AM
Will it Suck? Sims 4 (Poll)
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GladiatorDanger269/2 1:17AM
Left 4 Dead 2 reclassified in Australia, added in an update?el_Dubble19/2 12:27AM