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Nothing makes you appreciate the framerate on PC more than Bloodborne on PS4 (Archived)
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_Marka_Ragnos_484/27 2:32PM
Are gameplay videos allowed to be monetized on YouTube? (Archived)LouisvilleXV54/27 2:15PM
the internet needs to keep being angry at valve (Archived)
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TitanStrike324/27 2:13PM
What's the better upgrade? 144hz or 1440p? (Archived)
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ebj767324/27 1:50PM
What does this mean on youtube? (Archived)Phaser2334/27 1:49PM
No mods, no DLC, no season pass, no gimmicks (Archived)rabbi_baby24/27 1:47PM
worth upgrading cpu now or wait for skyline? (Archived)PIITB41534/27 1:47PM
Anyone planning on buying Project Cars? (Archived)
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runrom134/27 1:47PM
Is my motherboard compatible with the gtx970+ cards? (Archived)giglamesh9924/27 1:45PM
With Shadowplay, is there ANY reason to use Fraps? (Archived)
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LouisvilleXV114/27 1:26PM
Why does Project Cars have an option to display it at 12k? (Archived)galfasanta1111104/27 1:01PM
4 Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys (Archived)rwfan2c64/27 12:45PM
What's with PC FPS and not including good gamepad support? (Archived)VioletZer084/27 12:23PM
Clarification on Gaming Mice (Archived)TiamatKiller34/27 11:59AM
Any other PC games like Jurassic Park Trespasser? (Archived)Z_hunter9114/27 11:42AM
Is there a site that I can try to find good deals on hardware? (Archived)ebj76744/27 11:26AM
Best horror games on PC?? (Archived)
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huerito323184/27 11:06AM
do you change your controller based off game genre? (Archived)
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bicboi64184/27 11:03AM
Did I make a mistake ordering a 970 after buying a 1440p monitor? (Archived)
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ebj767174/27 10:58AM
Gary Mod Elevator question (Archived)games_pot154/27 10:42AM