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This game has more positive reviews then AK :o (Archived)
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TinTin700136/23 9:06PM
Consoles are worst they've ever been- PC master race FTW (Archived)
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M DAMAGE176/23 8:57PM
Batman AK... anyone using Steam's new refund policy? (Archived)matty54946/23 8:43PM
Cuphead. A 1930's cartoon inspired platformer (Archived)
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SleepComa286/23 8:31PM
What are some good cases for intel board? (Archived)
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greekgamer126/23 8:28PM
Can gta5 get icenhancer from gta4? (Archived)Porn46/23 8:04PM
A Sad Day in Gaming - Another Broken AAA Title is Released After $$$ Grabbed. (Archived)
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MEBCitadel226/23 7:51PM
anyone know when the first patch of batman arkham knight will release? (Archived)snkboi96/23 7:46PM
Looking for a good fighting controller (or compact arcade stick) (Archived)CardigansFan86/23 7:29PM
Poorly optimised console ports on PC is why I'm leaning towards consoles (Archived)
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Rapscallion84756/23 7:24PM
Remember Arkham Origins getting DLC instead of patches? Here we go again... (Archived)
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rx54146/23 7:17PM
Can't double-click chrome to open it...why? (Archived)luigi3326/23 6:55PM
So I finally have a good gaming pc. What backlog games should i get (Archived)
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ffxblak12126/23 6:47PM
Do you understand why now some people prefer to play consoles over pc (Archived)
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KingOfAsia236/23 6:13PM
Wow, I never realized how poorly optimized Assassin's Creed 4 is (Archived)promo123106/23 6:04PM
I guess these are good temps? (Archived)KenshiroX16/23 5:49PM
Dedicated Video Memory? (Archived)
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sonicteam2k1576/23 5:41PM
Most popular Steam games in Vatican City, Natural Selection 2... (Archived)MrBanballow56/23 5:37PM
This is why Steam Refunds are good. (Archived)
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FireBeaver236/23 5:30PM
Is Steam down for anybody else? (Archived)Beefy_Miracle66/23 5:27PM