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If you buy Nvidia you are supporting a monopoly in the GPU market. (Archived)
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mullen120012110/16 5:40PM
Ubisoft: Consoles literally holding PCs back (Archived)
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Bazooka_Penguin5310/16 5:34PM
nvidia delays 960 to 2015 because 970/980 are selling so fast (Archived)GameVisions410/16 5:30PM
Are PCs already powerful enough to eat up and crap out a whole skid full of PS4? (Archived)
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DroneCrusher1310/16 5:27PM
Would you get the Surface over any other tablet if the price was >$500? (Archived)
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St34lth241910/16 5:19PM
Longest you've ever played a game in one sitting. (Archived)
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fallenswords7510/16 5:15PM
What do you guys want in an RPG? (Archived)
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ExiledExDeath5510/16 5:14PM
Why do I have Batman: AC GotY in my Steam library when I didn't buy it? (Archived)AverageGai210/16 5:05PM
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