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What's with people calling hack and slash games ARPG? (Archived)
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Knighted Dragon198/17 1:30AM
Looking for a linear, story driven beat em up type of game. (Archived)Squall28108/17 12:28AM
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What's the best 980Ti? (Archived)
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iHandsomeDevil138/17 12:14AM
Tips on how to get Fallout New Vegas to quit crashing? (Archived)
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Kyle1022198/17 12:03AM
How is Windows 10 compare to 8 in terms of stability? (Archived)castrejon0438/16 11:34PM
How long is Wins10 free until? (Archived)
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PraiseNatalia118/16 11:32PM
Has anyone here bought a GeForce card and redeemed their code for MGS 5: TPP? (Archived)Alucard188 (M)58/16 11:17PM
Who has regretted getting a cheaper CPU at some point? (Archived)
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teh1337gosu318/16 9:44PM
Windows 10 Party Chat (Archived)Ultoman228/16 9:08PM
How were you able to afford the PC setup you have? (Poll)
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Second_Hokage1048/16 8:56PM
So what's the current state of the PC port of Arkham Knight? (Archived)
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otisanime158/16 8:55PM
Well, I got really excited when I found Half Life: OF for $1... (Archived)MetalGearRiki48/16 8:33PM
Best 1080p monitor larger than 27 inch under $150 (Archived)Waytoodeep0368/16 7:42PM
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Small form-factor PCs (Archived)jaredt1398/16 7:00PM
Anyone with legacy of void beta can answer question? (Archived)murphy23028/16 6:58PM
legendia or rogue galaxy? (Archived)FlyinTonite68/16 6:02PM
Attn: minors-- Windows 10 has a parent report option (Archived)
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Dawnshadow228/16 5:43PM
What's the best capture device for 1080p capture? (Archived)superstud69x68/16 5:17PM