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My friend says the I5 is garbage in comparison to the I7 and only a foolWould (Archived)
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CucumberPants383/18 1:05AM
Titanic X... (Archived)
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Master_Faust193/18 12:53AM
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Esports - PC vs. Console (Archived)
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killkount593/18 12:37AM
The pvp of Elder Scrolls Online is unmatched! Amazing! (Archived)GwynsSonSolaire73/18 12:36AM
What if a platform like Steam started charging monthly like XBL and PSN (Archived)
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Critcal50383/17 11:53PM
What's on your PC? (Archived)
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Darkstorm16433/17 11:24PM
Does anybody know if ground zeroes for pc supports controller vibration? (Archived)solid_snake_4843/17 10:59PM
Cities: Skylines - Gaben Ville (Archived)That_Damn_Kid103/17 10:47PM
The Steam controller should of had at least two more face buttons. (Archived)killkount93/17 10:29PM
Best class in ESO? Newb here hahah lol hahaha (Archived)
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GwynsSonSolaire153/17 10:25PM
any games currently worth full price? (Archived)el_Dubble93/17 9:59PM
trying to understand a few things (Archived)nehukog43/17 9:43PM
What can I get out of a 960 at 1080p? How loud is it? (Archived)Voelger53/17 9:36PM
what is your favorite early access survival crafting game (Archived)
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Shuriko133/17 9:28PM
About to pull the trigger on this rig...2 questions. (Archived)
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Lord_KronosIII423/17 8:40PM
Is there a limit on how much money you can have in battlenet account? (Archived)Lobomoon33/17 8:39PM
Upload to youtube 15min requirement (Archived)
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Piffzone113/17 8:33PM
ALL Steam reviews now required to disclose compensation for promotion (Archived)KillerTruffle73/17 8:17PM
what game is this? (Archived)Terrorknight353/17 8:06PM