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Question about graphics cards
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What do you consider to be the first "next-generation" game for the PC?
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indica447/31 4:22PM
$350 pc buildnjkking0177/31 4:21PM
what are your hobbies /including/ building beastly computer rigs?
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WyzeGye277/31 4:14PM
Hey guys. Question about a router I'm considering.APanasonicYouth27/31 3:59PM
Gaming keboard and mouse, worth it?
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harcoreblazer247/31 3:53PM
Who has been the most influential PC (primarily) developers? (Poll)
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I dont understand how DarkRP works in Gmod.MrMonkhouse17/31 3:44PM
Would this build be worth it?njkking0157/31 3:43PM
Anyone ever quit an MMO cause their class was nerfed or another was buffed
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SonyHoundDawg157/31 3:39PM
It's 2015
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Brutal_Felix277/31 3:39PM
Free Steam key for Really Big SkyMellowLyricist27/31 3:37PM
Have you ever fallen asleep at your computer desk? (Poll)
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-5xad0w-717/31 3:36PM
Probably a dumb CPU question, but a question nonetheless. (Closed)pwnater77767/31 3:19PM