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What hurts Publishers more? Used Games or Pirated Games? (Poll)
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Farcry 4's multiplayer is dlc
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Did Steam kill the greenlight?
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OrgeLambart1310/22 2:34PM
You know what this community would be a lot better if it was nicer.
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Judgmenl2510/22 2:30PM
How do devolopers determine prices on steam/in general?
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locky7231110/22 2:30PM
First reply decides what i'll play today first.harcoreblazer910/22 2:20PM
Looking for the names of a couple of really old games...
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DuranOfForcena3910/22 2:07PM
15 game win streak - smurf :D
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Orcadale1410/22 1:57PM