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So I got 7 lp for a win in low Silver.....megaboltable72/4 6:48AM
Blizzard is killing Hearthstone. Any other casual card games?
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r7gerrabbit332/4 6:18AM
2016, what's best for 1440p?
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ValzacardX222/4 5:37AM
How much 'brand loyalty' do you consider yourself to have? (mostly regarding pc)
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-5xad0w-642/4 5:05AM
Humble Ubisoft Bundle
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PepsiWithCoke622/4 4:58AM
Unravel demo available nowFlyinTonite72/4 4:19AM
DAE enjoy watching Twitch more than actually playing the game?Nega392/4 4:14AM
GTX 970 fan profile questionRGPanzner92/4 4:06AM
If people complain to Warner Bros/ NRS they'll eventually release MKX KP2 for PC
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
snkboi502/4 3:54AM
Is there any way Game-Port (D-Sub DA-15) controller to use in modern pcjhon234532/4 2:49AM
Question about Steamdarkmaian2322/4 2:42AM
Is this a good enough build to upgrade to ?nightcola62/4 2:39AM
Candy Crush Saga just appeared (and installed) on my PC
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xLexLuth0rx242/4 2:24AM
Anyone have experience with the corsair STRAFE?Miller309632/4 1:47AM
What's a good laptop or pc build that can run games at 1080p 60fps.....DMONKUMA72/4 1:18AM
pirates piratesjhon234552/4 12:37AM
Whatever happened to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition?
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Kyle1022122/4 12:00AM
Is The Crew worth $15 these days?Whitemike2005252/3 10:58PM
Name a book or series that you would like to see turned into a video game
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HonestAbe73592/3 9:44PM
Been out of the PC hardware world for a while. Mom wants a new computer. Help!Shark_Laser52/3 9:42PM