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This 970 card.Beasthunt110/19 3:36PM
So I started playing XCOM: EU...*potential spoilers*
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Chaos_Missile1810/19 3:28PM
Access/transfer files from a non-functioning computercyberdoom210/19 3:25PM
Help with Malware/Spyware please.
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313pigeonsonme1910/19 3:24PM
should jack thompson become an ally of the pc gaming industry to stop hatredGameVisions610/19 3:20PM
did anyone ever really cook eggs on a fermi?
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GameVisions1310/19 3:18PM
Getting sick of Adobe Reader. Should I switch to Sumatra PDF, MuPDF or Evince? (Poll)
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LyokoNinja1810/19 3:16PM
Do you like using a keyboard or using a controller? (Poll)
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Ao_Ryuu549810/19 2:53PM
best cheapest gaming laptop out there?DARQ MX610/19 2:50PM
Cheapest upgrade for an old pc
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welshrat1710/19 2:41PM
I didn't really enjoy Enemy Unknown, is Enemy Within going to be much different?Pokenub510/19 2:39PM
nuuvem regional?mikewu1210/19 2:20PM