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preordered my first current pc title, for first new pc in a long while (Archived)PSOGuy2579/26 9:33AM
Any DMC-ish local co-op games? (Archived)
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Do IPS panels have a higher chance of developing Dead/Stuck Pixels than TN ones? (Archived)Junpei_Stupei89/26 8:50AM
Chris Avellone joins Divinity: Original Sin development (Archived)
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Primal Carnage:complete on sale for only 2.50!! Great fun! (Archived)deoxxys99/26 8:22AM
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PSU for 390x? (Sapphire, if it matters) (Archived)
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Spinder1249/26 6:11AM
Ryse is on sale for $10 and is one of the most underrated games of all time (Archived)
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LouisvilleXV329/26 5:59AM
Battlefield: BC2, ME2 & Dead Space Origin keys; want to trade for Steam... (Archived)Littlemikesc19/26 5:58AM
Best In ear and around ear headphones for media and gaming? (Archived)pspmaster2339/26 5:56AM
Batman: Arkham Knight PC Will Be Available Again "in the Coming Weeks" (Archived)
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snkboi309/26 5:48AM
Thoughts on this i7-6700k build? (Archived)
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Fustmonkey209/26 4:48AM
Neverwinter Nights... Any good? (Archived)
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KoRnKoB799/26 4:36AM
Which case are you using right now? Do you plan to change it when you upgrade? (Archived)
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darkus_f409/26 4:33AM
DoW: Soulstorm.... (Archived)Chaos_Missile29/26 3:13AM
Speaker Advice (Archived)Lisbon1421579/26 2:09AM
Recommend some overlooked AAA-ish games b/w 2004 - present. (Archived)
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dedicateddark269/26 2:08AM
Of Guards And Thieves (free Steam key) (Archived)Mordecai the Mad49/26 12:24AM
our thoughts on 2 in 1 laptop/tablets? surface pro the best? can! (Archived)pspmaster2349/25 11:35PM