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I think Bayonetta spoiled me on Character Action games... (Archived)
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Stop buying Haswell (Archived)
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randomoaf287/20 8:13PM
How much free space should one leave on an SSD? (Archived)
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Wrozka_z_Rivii207/20 7:43PM
PSU Upgrade? 1440p Monitor? (Archived)Takusho57/20 7:34PM
Want to get a new CPU + MB (Archived)
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75% off of Dawn of War 2 popped up in my inventory out of nowhere (Archived)SolidDBZ77/20 6:50PM
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Alright, boys. Gonna need a laptop for college as CS major, here. (Archived)MogMasta97/20 5:43PM
What are some good rpg-ish games with good character creation? (Archived)
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Darth_Kamcio217/20 5:40PM
After much back and fourth between the 390 and the 390X I finally decided... (Archived)AshWilliams7847/20 5:39PM
Story Driven MMO - which is better? (Poll)
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Xialoh227/20 5:31PM
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A few CPU and motherboard questions... (Archived)ajxh57/20 4:45PM
I wonder if Elder Scrolls will ever go to the continent Akavir (Archived)
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Wario2255297/20 4:44PM
Upgrading from my 7970 today or tomorrow (Archived)shanjo47/20 4:35PM
I keep getting friend requests with people with "G2A" in their name. (Archived)Pokenub27/20 4:23PM