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what youtube reviewers do you recommend to sub to?
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Does anyone else rarely finish games? (Poll)
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Ordered my first PC, how are the specs?
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TheySeeMeWardin257/4 6:57PM
Your reaction: Gabe retire from Valve and replaced with Ellen Pao
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good_mangorush237/4 6:54PM
what is the easiest way to make a windows 8.1 usb boot stick?snkboi37/4 6:50PM
Can your rig handle Tembo the Badass Elephant? (Poll)
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what are signs that a developer cares about fans more than profit ? (Poll)
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kyosuke34297/4 6:30PM
Any good racing games thatUltra Buu17/4 6:24PM
Which PC games on Steam have digitized graphics?
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NewportBox100s277/4 6:15PM
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What game are you playing for the 4th of July?
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EpicKingdom_267/4 6:11PM
Quick question about a new SSD and Windows installDoolz2024107/4 5:42PM
Should there be a screw there?urmomishawt0447/4 5:37PM