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Is a $400 GAMING PC on par or ahead of PS4 stats-wise?
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Anyone here enjoying Mad Max?
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ProtestTheHiro169/1 2:41PM
Never broadcasted on Steam before. Can't you broadcast it to Twitch?Star_Lord89/1 2:24PM
Calling all Baldur's Gate aficionados!
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PC Spec AdviceDANW54759/1 1:53PM
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First gameplay video of Rollercoaster Tycoon World. Actually looks pretty good.
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Doctor__Pepper189/1 1:38PM
is a 295x2 now better than the 980gtx TI with dx12 in mind??
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
IloveslimesOMG209/1 1:25PM
All the Mad Max movies are now available on Steam.
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nominturddaddy299/1 1:13PM
At this point is a 750ti even worth it anymore?
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flame030191259/1 12:57PM
Thinking about getting a gaming chair
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LeTHaL_PiRaTe189/1 12:48PM
So how does the ps3 controller on PC thing work. Can you like, map buttons for a
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saspa149/1 12:41PM