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Steam Support Employees in a Nutshell (Closed)Laocedric1669/2 7:22AM
difference between mp4,avi,mkv,wmv and other video files? what do u prefer?pspmaster2379/2 7:20AM
never pre-ordered, kickstarted, or bought an alpha game and don't plan to, you?
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jjyiz28219/2 7:07AM
Now that MGSV is out, any point in getting Ground Zeroes?
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kaMMakaZZi29139/2 7:07AM
Shadowplay doesn't show FPS counter after the last updateSuperSuikoden89/2 6:49AM
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Should I get 100% in Ground Zeroes first then play MGS 5 TPP or go play TPP?? (Poll)
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Oakland510_119/2 6:20AM
Still rockin' a Phenom II x4. I'm thinking about getting an i5 6600k...
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voldothegr8169/2 5:32AM
WD Hardrive is not showing up in disk management but shows in the bios, help.skip_dog89/2 5:17AM
That feeling when an external HDD falls off a desk...
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Requiem119/2 5:01AM
MSI 980ti Lightening or Wait for New Series?PuppetMaster78699/2 4:44AM
Original Sin 2 Kickstarter thought process
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nominturddaddy459/2 4:38AM
So are new GPU's typically get shipped with cellophane wrap from the factory ?
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Kano92119/2 4:29AM
Nothing says customer service like...Damaged789/2 4:06AM
Best privacy protection for Windows 10?Boge109/2 3:44AM
So I decided to try out Windows 10 today on a spare drive (impressions)Setzera19/2 3:20AM
Need help troubleshooting a continuous beep upon startup.
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eagles5769119/2 2:44AM
I loved Divinity OS, should I get Shadowrun Returns?
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TurretSyndrome179/2 2:02AM
Which hdd matters for renderingethsfan39/2 1:46AM