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The ONLY reason to upgrade to Windows 10 .danny5329107/30 10:12AM
Anyone Else still waiting for their upgrade for Windows 10 besides me?
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jediknight52501187/30 10:10AM
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I'm liking Windows 10 so far!Dinglesteed57/30 9:59AM
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Looking for more relaxing action and rpg titles(read intro post)
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Superrpgman667/30 9:57AM
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Does FFIV Steam with Windows 10 gives no stuttering?zak23447/30 9:50AM
Microsoft edge helppuddaley37/30 9:49AM
Nvidia Windows 10 driversgodplaysSNES17/30 9:49AM
Is the advertised battery life of a wireless headset based on just voice chat?InfestedAdam27/30 9:36AM
If you're not overclocking should you get an i5?
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RVallant177/30 9:34AM
Wouldn't backing up an infected computer also mean backing up the viruses?R0N1N18747/30 9:33AM
How is the PC version of Dark Souls 2 scholar of the first sin?
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mangolians247/30 9:25AM
Never realized how ad-infested the Web is till I installed Windows 10Yorada47/30 9:14AM
Are PC gamers mostly hipsters?
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Lickmycrithit477/30 9:12AM
When do you think CD/DVDs will die off completely?
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Jeffw88277/30 9:08AM
Windows Ultimate Battle!! (Poll)WIZARD_V1107/30 9:07AM
Have you ever named a pet or child after a video game character? (Poll)
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Bearacudda98207/30 8:50AM
Would updating to Windows 10 clean my PC?games_pot117/30 8:41AM