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10 million dollars but you can only buy AMD CPUs and GPUs from now on
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Completly open ended games.
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dedicateddark238/27 2:15PM
Do you have a master race mouse mat?
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EpicKingdom_358/27 2:11PM
Yearly reminder PC Gamer hasn't been relevant in PC Gaming in almost two decades
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Hi C418/27 2:10PM
I'm smelling burning from my computer but no dust, crashes, or freezes.CommunismFTW108/27 2:06PM
So i bought a 2nd 980 ti to run in sli... Having issues..
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meshflesh328/27 1:51PM
Looking to build a computer for emulation
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Zeusty138/27 1:37PM
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Resident Evil 7's story and setting detailed by ESRB.
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Risa_Omomo228/27 1:16PM
AMD Vega officially "delayed" until the first half of 2017halomonkey1_3_558/27 12:14PM
What are good laptop expectations for around $600?Critcal5018/27 12:05PM
Do you get, "hyped" for games that aren't released yet?
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EpicKingdom_578/27 11:41AM
Smach Z (handheld gaming PC) Gamescom news with prototypes
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GoIdenSun3DS208/27 11:24AM
should i just have 8gb of ram or 12?vayne14558/27 11:16AM
I'm about to upgrade from winxp to win10, what do I need to know?Yombiee88/27 11:09AM
Is it unwise to mix different RAM brands with the same speed?
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arjames13148/27 11:02AM
Deus Ex MD is the best video game soundtrack..
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slashcut228/27 10:36AM