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Thinking of getting a 144hz monitor over a IPS, is that a bad ideal these days ?
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Kano92137/24 3:04PM
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Is it worth installing Origin just to play The Sims 2 for free? (Poll)
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Why do elitists hate on the idea of a Gaming Tablet?
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How are the chinese X360 wireless receiver knock-offs?superdarkshadow47/24 2:28PM
For those who played star wars galaxies, I have a question.Matthewm198877/24 2:14PM
What do you guys think of this prebuilt?
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acabes27227/24 1:49PM
I have 1300 dollars to spend for a new PC. I am starting from scratch.
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TheBlueDeath137/24 1:32PM
Do you think Linux gaming will ever be a thing?
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fallenswords957/24 1:12PM
How is age of wonders 3?chris12169157/24 12:50PM
Linux installation help
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DRAGON07891230247/24 12:47PM
You guys see the newest version of the Steam controller? Added a analogue stick
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pothocket127/24 12:32PM
How long do Steam support take to respond?
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Iminyourcloset137/24 12:18PM
anyone want Thief Gold or Daikatana?
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thatauthor177/24 12:13PM
New Neverwinter game hinted at coming soon
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Spidey555147/24 12:06PM
What exactly is anti-aliasing and how do I know which is best?Star_Nuts77/24 12:03PM now supports LinuxAlexKidd500027/24 11:53AM