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First game you played on your first pc build?
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Turned my PC on, 3 quick beeps.
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Rx 480 8gb with freesync vs gtx 1060 6gb without gsync?
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Seeing Spoilers and Animal Abuse On Youtube: How Do I get rid of the Videos?DumbQuestion99/19 5:40AM
Why didn't Bioware give ME2/3 controller support
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LIsJustice359/19 4:15AM
Leave it to MSI to make an SLI GTX1080 laptop with mechanical keyboard...
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RabidCisScums159/19 1:57AM
I need a pretty game to play
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shmirlywhirl189/18 11:15PM
Dragon's Dogma PC?
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AnExceptionalBo299/18 11:14PM
Requesting review/advice on build for playing World of Warcraftshenny9979/18 10:08PM
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So I pulled the trigger with Acer XG270HU with my RX 480.
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Jeffw88139/18 9:58PM
Best indie game on this list?Q_Sensei79/18 8:45PM
Please Help A NewbGuitarGuy769/18 8:43PM
Anyone know of a blue-palette motherboard like this but DDR4?PrettyTonyTiger29/18 8:41PM