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How do you feel about companies no longer giving minimum requirements
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GameVisions409/28 8:35AM
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why is the witcher 1 and neverwinter nights 2 so badly optimized?apolloooo89/28 7:42AM
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What software/method to you guys use to play boardgames online?itachi0019/28 7:33AM
How is Hawx series?itachi0079/28 7:13AM
What games have you been playing
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Darkstorm16259/28 6:57AM
Hows Bioshock Infinite?
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Boywonder1409/28 6:55AM
TOP5 - Collectibles in video gamesFutureops-49/28 6:31AM
My first build and here are the parts for it.
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arob22159/28 6:29AM
What games did I miss?Vmode29/28 5:41AM
Endless Legend is REALLY good...Sinfullyvannila89/28 5:39AM
I need help upgrading.Marioface599/28 2:59AM
Dual Monitor setups, what do I need to know?ajko00049/28 2:35AM
60Hz monitor, but over 100 FPS.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ajko000129/28 1:38AM
In *general*, what is considered a high temperature for non-oc'd CPUs and GPUs?
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ajko000159/28 1:19AM
Need a video editior that's not Windows Movie Maker >.<Rip_Van_WinkleX79/28 1:07AM
looking for high end monitor for pc and consoles usage!!!pspmaster2379/28 12:59AM
What do you need for twitch streaming?GwynsSonSolaire39/28 12:50AM
Should I continue playing Metro 2033?
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alsroboshack209/28 12:20AM