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is it possible to share my internet connection via bluetooth?
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Goddamn malware won't go away.
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tigerslashII168/17 11:12PM
Metro Redux on PS4 has zero (0) volumetric lighting compared to master race PCTrance_Fan88/17 10:15PM
Two questions.
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Need a new FPS
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rainedown118/17 9:26PM
What are some games where you play as a cop?
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Alternatives to Skype. Any good ones?Arucard0588/17 8:11PM
Why is World of Warcraft so popular?
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Knighted Dragon818/17 7:59PM
So about the whole Watch Dogs bitcoin torrent thing...
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rx54148/17 7:57PM
Has anyone heard about this? New city sim being developed by Finnish dev...Lord_Vader28/17 7:55PM