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Hitman: Codename 47 is painful to play through.
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Vue35158/22 8:05PM
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Superrpgman578/22 7:40PM
PC Titanfall players...
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Are you getting Witcher 3 through Steam or gog? (Poll)
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Best HIGH end gaming headsets? what do you use? senheiser vs audio technica?!
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What is your current CPU + overclock speed?
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Trying to remember the name of an old gameyibin8898/22 5:40PM
Let's be honest here. Misogyny in video games dosen't exist.
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Padraigo52918/22 5:39PM
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Best Gaming Monitor Under $150PuppetMaster78638/22 5:19PM
Wow. Max Payne 3 is ****ing abysmal.
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MiIkMan208/22 5:19PM