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What do you like better? 1 NVIDIA Titan Z or 2 NVIDIA GeForce 780 Ti's? (Archived)killa109667/18 12:56PM
I have around 900 dollars for a gaming PC (Archived)
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Found a possible winner, need to know if an HD 7450 is good though (Archived)
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Hitman_67247/18 12:49PM
xbox 360 controller not working with bioshock infinite (Archived)
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greekgamer137/18 12:48PM
What's the purpose of screen rotation on notebooks? (Archived)Timbermaw87/18 12:47PM
Do people that have bought 2gb GPU's feel screwed over this generation...? (Archived)
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Powertranz157/18 12:40PM
A few steam questions. (Archived)chaos_belmont57/18 12:37PM
Is Rainmeter safe to use? (Archived)Blackmon67/18 12:37PM
Bewildering track pad issue - it does not work when I'm leaned all the way back. (Archived)MortalDanger17/18 11:50AM
What is even the point of Steam's Big Picture mode? (Archived)
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CaioNV157/18 11:42AM
How is this build? (Archived)AkaneSoir67/18 10:17AM
Which of these PC games employs the most resource-intensive shadows? (Poll)
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Ningishzida237/18 9:40AM
I wonder if Wasteland 2 will be met with praise next month like Divinity? (Archived)
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L0rdCrump517/18 9:40AM
My CPU's idle temperature (Archived)
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HaxnStash117/18 9:32AM
Star Citizen v. No Man's Sky (Archived)
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ukemandwnbu267/18 9:00AM
My Machine (Archived)eattt17/18 8:08AM
So what do we know about Skywind so far? (Archived)
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MrMonkhouse127/18 7:51AM
i5 4670K or i7 3770 with a gtx 750 ti for 1080p 60fps? (Archived)
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darkus_f167/18 7:42AM
The Divinity Sin youtube baits. (Archived)happyscrub167/18 7:32AM
Question: Is this Processer/GPU decent? (Archived)Hitman_6777/18 7:29AM