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Please critique my Gaming PC build. Suggestions welcome ($1200 max budget)
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Labyrinth - A collectible card game RPG hybrid
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This right here is THE device the world has deserved...Solid Sonic511/25 6:45AM
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Anything more powerful than a 980ti?
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Stalker4153611/25 6:26AM
Stream PS4 games to the PC? YES PLEASE!!!
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ECOsvaldo1311/25 6:22AM
Should I upgrade my gtx 660 to a 960?
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boonanawanas1111/25 6:03AM
after 30 hours-ish in fallout 4, New Vegas > 4 >>>>>>>3
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
apolloooo5811/25 5:52AM
4 hours to go :DAltiarLio411/25 5:52AM
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Fallout New Vegas definitely feels better than Fallout 4...Jedi454711/25 5:35AM
Opera Beta is pretty damn fast. Has lots of extensions, too.CommunismFTW311/25 5:05AM
left 4 dead & left for dead 2 listed as valve/ea games on herePSOGuy25711/25 5:02AM
curious about cpu'sDarkneo20711/25 4:59AM