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Filthy Consol Peasant Seeking PC Advice
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EVGA cards are trash. Why are they popular on this board?
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Which of these will be the most practical setup?Sephiroth31139/23 10:07AM
What are your "Tags recommended for you" on the new Steam?
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r7gerrabbit679/23 10:04AM
PSU intake fan at the bottom of PC is blocked, that's okay right?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Ibuymymnks249/23 10:04AM
OMG! We are getting another cool exclusive!Futureops-39/23 10:04AM
I found a mysterious disc in my refurbished disc drive.
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Accolon519/23 9:47AM
My PSU fan is whirring, any idea how to fix it?thefearedmonstr99/23 9:44AM
ryse son of rome is the best looking next gen game for xbox one and soon pc
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Trance_Fan169/23 9:42AM
Is this a good time to get a second GTX 670 for SLI? Since the GTX 970 came outdarklink101749/23 9:37AM
Any (modern) game like dungeon keeper?CTRB49/23 9:35AM