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Black Ops 3 beta code for the first person that guesses the number between 1-2.
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Calling all Baldur's Gate aficionados!Lilura58/27 3:08PM
Your Reaction: Windows 10 is indeed subscription based, costs $49.99 per year. (Poll)
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Hottest games to play on PC right now?
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MyloMane218/27 3:03PM
Rollcage remake "Grip" on kickstarter isn't getting much attention.
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SinisterSlay358/27 2:58PM
Now that Skylake is out and tested, it is time to finally upgrade my X58 build.Dorami18/27 2:47PM
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Advice on a gaming Mobo and CPU
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s2good208/27 2:44PM
So does the game RAGE run well ?
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Kano92168/27 2:25PM
Alternative to notepad?Relentless63978/27 2:24PM