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1st pc build. Any suggestions?
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Thomageddon217/30 6:08AM
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LOL - Windows 10 Solitaire requires subscription to remove ads
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KillerTruffle537/30 5:43AM
BREAKING: Windows 10 version of Solitaire plagued with ads; $1.49/mo to remove
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The_Q1327/30 5:33AM
Post bugs/annoyances you've encountered using Windows 10DBNULLd47/30 5:14AM
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Windows 10 and Steam Big Picture.slyman1967/30 3:04AM
So are games like the Witcher 3 and GTA V actually good ports for PC?
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supermansdog587/30 3:00AM
Windows 10 Steam/Bugs QuestionCrimson Skys57/30 2:51AM
Update history says the windows 10 update failed 4 times
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Zorlac157/30 2:29AM
Can Macs be made to legally play blu rays?darkmaian2377/30 1:46AM
Do Windows 10 window title bars seriously not change colour based on focus?Frost_shock_FTW57/30 1:31AM