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IMO: 1080p is not part of the master race anymore.
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How is Metroid Prime beating Morrowind?
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You can literally get a portable desktop starting at 2200$NineDayCandler711/24 10:54PM
New Batman Arkham Knight patch went live on Steam- 1.7GB
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Wait how did Fallout 3 lose to undertale?
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SnoopLion4311/24 9:38PM
Undertale is so over rated
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lmAtWork4311/24 9:37PM
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Getting a new laptop, recommendations would be appreciated
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Game__Raider1211/24 8:33PM
What component do I upgrade?
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LordTrinen1611/24 8:32PM
Since a few of us have become somewhat adjusted to the Steam Controller,SilentHawk29111/24 8:31PM
What would you do? (PSU Cables)
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BackdatedFuture (M)1311/24 8:28PM