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This legit?
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sahilmohammad1110/20 3:54PM
Well i think i broke one of my computers
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blacklabelice2110/20 3:52PM
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If Nintendo uses Nvidia, Sony and MS uses AMD
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runrom1510/20 3:39PM
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Wish I didn't see Gears 4 on a Gsync monitor.
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nominturddaddy1110/20 3:23PM
So if the human ear can't see 60fps?QuesoBlanco810/20 3:13PM
Don't buy from XFXTheNeckbeard810/20 2:37PM
Games with lots of side activities.. .like fishing, baseball and more mini-games
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dedicateddark1610/20 2:15PM
As PC enthusiasts, which Tegra chip is the Switch likely getting?ebj7671010/20 2:12PM
Yes PC Is The Master Race But...
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TheEntitledOne7210/20 2:11PM
Do you think the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will be graphically demanding?Two_Dee910/20 2:09PM
What gpu/cpu you guys have?
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shafalloutlilac7410/20 1:58PM
What is the recommended torrent client these days?
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Relentless6391610/20 1:53PM
Netgear A6210 stopped working after update :'(NinjaGuerra910/20 1:47PM