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Shadow of Mordor or Wolfenstein New Order? (Poll)
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coax going into modem is hot to the touch
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Good samples of 1080p upscaled to 4K?
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Critcal50165/30 2:49PM
Konami Apologizes for "Causing anxiety"
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Binba442175/30 2:48PM
Is my video card dying?PiCaYuNeSyZyGy35/30 2:34PM
Retail Exclusive DLC is absolutely the WORST type of DLC(Batman Arkham Knight)
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LiberalAgenda8155/30 2:26PM
Complete noob question. In the middle of a build but need helpSparrowMind105/30 2:26PM
ARK: Survival Evolved comes out soon.
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nickizgr8195/30 2:23PM
Hark! A Warhammer 40k game lottery
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Interfusor235/30 2:12PM
Enough power to SLI?
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Unpure_Euphoria135/30 2:09PM
I know what made that guy in Hatred snap and go on a killing spree...
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King_Nintendo85295/30 1:47PM
Difference between laptop ram DDR3 and DDR3L?EvoMaldonado55/30 1:39PM
Windows 10-tan...
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Small problem in Oblivion...Rai_Jin105/30 1:02PM