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These polls really make you wonder... is it really nostalgia?
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fallen_acolyte4911/29 2:49PM
how does a monitor like the Benq xl2720z compare to an hdtv?PeterWright1234111/29 2:46PM
Fairly new to PC, and need recommendations please?jurfi1511/29 2:46PM
Do you play MOBA
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lmAtWork4811/29 2:45PM
Just bought a gaming laptop
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BinBinricecake2011/29 2:43PM
Is RAM on sale currently or did it go way down?it_r_over9000411/29 2:38PM
Best Cheap USB Headset?thefabregas22211/29 2:36PM
what is the most important component from PCs for you?SkyLey1011/29 2:35PM
Friend wants to play some old games; hardware recommendations?jaredt13911/29 2:35PM
Can/Should I use a mini-ITX GPU with a P8P67le?RemyLebeau_88311/29 2:30PM
Games I should pick up during the sale?
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Leonir011511/29 2:30PM
You cannot DESTROY hardware by overheating.
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TheEnd3611/29 2:25PM
I have a key for Watch Dogs on UplayMystery_Mission311/29 2:15PM
Can I run the Witcher 3 at minimum settings with this laptop?sammyrueben811/29 2:14PM
What are the best JRPGs and RPGs on the steam sale plzShinyMegaTauros311/29 2:12PM
AMD Drivers won't install.kjb1687711/29 1:57PM
When you change something in nvidia inspector...sphanlon311/29 1:55PM
best mmo today?
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johnearts2211/29 1:40PM
Do you consider yourself to be a member of the pc master race? why?
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Sooonic17811/29 1:21PM
Can you recommend a good amd cpu?
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StarsOfCCTV2411/29 1:20PM