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EVGA Step-Up request timelinemrtywer710/20 10:19AM
I need some good software for managing system heat, fans, etc.Virtrudian710/20 10:13AM
This board makes a lot of anti-4K excuses.
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Pepys Monster7810/20 10:11AM
Game where you killed the most NPC/people Spoilers, obviously
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Requiem2510/20 10:11AM
So played Ryse recently
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
pyro_bunta1210/20 10:10AM
haven't updated windows in two years due to it refusing to update.moogythejork410/20 10:10AM
780ti vs 980 @1440p?Molt_CcCoy210/20 10:08AM
Finally making a switch from Bellsouth to Xfinity. But I want to know..
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Critcal501910/20 10:07AM
List some PC games with great stories.blablablax171010/20 10:03AM
do you feel the pc gaymer movement is underrepresented?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
GameVisions2310/20 9:51AM
Hows this PC?
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robert_rangersu1410/20 9:49AM
Where do GameFAQs PC Gamers lie on the #GamerGate spectrum? (Poll)
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WyzeGye7310/20 9:45AM
Good Laptop to play the Sims?
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SkaterUB1210/20 9:43AM
Gaming mouse recommendation
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__starsnostars1110/20 9:22AM
I think the true goal of controversial game hatred is to teach gamers to love
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Silent Sniper IV (M)1210/20 9:20AM
is pirating justifiable if it is the only way to avoid intrusive drmGameVisions710/20 9:18AM
Nothing to play at allmoonflow2131010/20 9:14AM
Would you pirate a delayed game?GunmaN1905910/20 9:14AM
Do you think pirating is justified if they have a bigger ship than you?youngfossil210/20 9:13AM
If your mouse has a sniper button, what do you use it for?SMBfan22110/20 9:03AM