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Why are developers like bungie and square enix ignoring the pc market?
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Eva_marie597/30 11:41AM
Are esports really sports? (Poll)
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Wildspark837/30 11:40AM
Sweet Mother of GOD!!! Games galore are heading towards SteamOS/Linux!!!
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ECOsvaldo207/30 11:40AM
Yes, WINDOWS 7 Still Rules!!
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WIZARD_V1997/30 11:39AM
NVidia Graphics Drivers taking inordinately long to installwantfastcars47/30 11:31AM
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Best video card for upgraded workstationdivineruler97/30 11:25AM
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Inafune's Red Ash fully funded after Chinese company swoops ingtomanga57/30 11:14AM
thinking of dual booting to windows 95 98 for the lawlz, how will it run today?snkboi27/30 11:11AM
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Xbox App in Win10Dinglesteed37/30 10:59AM
Screw Windows 10!!!Blulightning37/30 10:58AM
I just beat Deus Ex (Spoilers obviously)...harcoreblazer27/30 10:54AM
Total War: Warhammer gameplay
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Englandfc1966117/30 10:52AM
Windows Hello?...Crimson Skys17/30 10:52AM
with DOOM coming out, what about Quake?sonicteam2k127/30 10:50AM
Does AA0 in these benchmarks mean disabled?MEBCitadel27/30 10:47AM
Grandia II HD Edition launches for PC in 2015
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hardy3786177/30 10:39AM
A thank you to all Win10 early adopters.ghost14057/30 10:38AM