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Has anyone ever been addicted to one specific game?
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So I just got a new job and I have a budget of $500/week to spend on a PC.
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TwigsthePnoDude2410/18 9:55PM
just my luck ><Darkneo201010/18 9:36PM
Red Dead Redemption 2 petition to bring this to PC live 1 hour after reveal
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ArcadeGuy5510/18 9:35PM
How can I play Prey (the first game) on my Windows 10 PC?Lobomoon410/18 9:18PM
did you play the best open world game of last gen?
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MakoReizei1410/18 9:16PM
Sleeping Dogs developer, United Front Games, shuts down
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Jason_Hudson3210/18 8:35PM
this still the best card in the $150 range?returnofbeans210/18 8:27PM
Does high refresh rate matter?Terrorknight3510/18 7:45PM
Doom or Shadow Warrior 2?
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arjames134010/18 7:33PM
RDR is already on PC.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
EpicKingdom_1210/18 6:39PM
Looking for a laptop very similar to an HP Stream. What are my options?__Cam__310/18 6:35PM
Need a group for Junkenstein Overwatch Brawl (Hard)kaMMakaZZi29110/18 6:11PM