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To the people running Win 10 and SLI/maybe CrossfireRand_Aybara37/29 11:16AM
What game has made you cry the most (or closest to crying)?
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I_Heart_Eevee2237/29 11:14AM
Can I power a 970 with a molex cable thats also powering my HDD and SSD
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bubbub01147/29 11:10AM
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i still use a 512mb vram graphics chip.sasoribeast107/29 10:48AM
My brother is one of those hyperactive A.D.D. kids that has no patience, Help!lmAtWork87/29 10:40AM
Why are developers like bungie and square enix ignoring the pc market?
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Eva_marie497/29 10:40AM
Is my processor bottlenecking me?
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thedeadman568147/29 10:35AM
Carrying your desktop
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method115147/29 10:34AM
Which screen is better matte or glossy (Poll)
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Gameismelife137/29 10:29AM
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Free Windows 10 upgrade gone?jimm12077/29 10:20AM
For someone who is bad at math is learning C or C++ better as a hobbyist dev?
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ImmortalityV447/29 10:18AM