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how does this build look? and advice for upgradding going forwardshadowcat216459/12 12:42AM
Anyone else doesn't like Digital Foundry at all?
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harcoreblazer139/12 12:37AM
AMD vs NVIDIA - what are you using? (Poll)
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auginiste509/12 12:26AM
How to use steam if I hate downloading game
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Xtreme-Void879/11 11:53PM
DMC3 PC vs PS3 version.superstud69x49/11 10:54PM
Which headset? Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro or Siberia V2Skul_69/11 10:52PM
There needs to be a better portable gaming option.ChicagoTed_39/11 10:41PM
WTF??? 5.1 GB update for Bioshock Infinite
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sin_shenron679/11 10:30PM
Wireless router help AC66u for 170$ or N66u for 120$?Emperor_Arghos89/11 9:31PM
Hero-U co-lead Corey Cole bemoans female dev harassment hand waves corruption
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kq2076149/11 8:30PM
Do you buy Movies/TV-Shows/Anime as Blu-Ray/DVDs? (Poll)
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SuperSuikoden239/11 8:10PM
Do I need to worry about my external drive? (pic inside)gldoorii99/11 7:24PM
Where on Windows 7 can I see if my computer is gaming-powerful?
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Yuffie360199/11 6:51PM
Is getting AMD beta drivers worth it?xxFierceFirexx79/11 6:48PM
my monitor says "no signal" after a few minutes of gameplay in a couple gamesriznich4819/11 6:30PM
Quick question. I'm trying to get this laptop to recognize my PC speakers.ChocoboDreams29/11 5:43PM
Can't connect to Steam?
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GuerillaGorilla259/11 5:23PM
Well crap, I lost my only drive bay mount for an old pc...any thoughts?MortalDanger39/11 5:17PM
What are some good alternative malware/virus removal tools?dragon50459/11 4:56PM
Possible to xfer saves between PS3 and Android? (PS games)iangeofries19/11 4:54PM