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All the butthurt from SJWs makes me want to pre-order "Hatred"
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Reccommend me a game to play!
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BTzz1510/19 7:31PM
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Advice on my pc specs
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Jungal_Dawg1210/19 7:27PM
A few questions about some PC-in-the-living-room thingsGoIrish80210/19 7:06PM
Never changed out any computer parts, about to, any tips?
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deoxxys2710/19 6:57PM
kotaku responds to hatred (very deep)
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GameVisions3910/19 6:47PM
RPG with base/town building aspects?
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Max582011310/19 6:43PM
Where do GameFAQs PC Gamers lie on the #GamerGate spectrum? (Poll)
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WyzeGye5810/19 6:34PM
Cooler master ATX Mid Tower question,NewVigil210/19 6:33PM
What size ATX is your motherboard? (Poll)
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Bowm40802010/19 6:32PM
Why are a lot of indie games so damn hard?
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temoorashraf2010/19 5:59PM
Should I get the Seagate 4TB or the WD-Green 4TB for storage ? (Poll)Kano92510/19 5:25PM