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OMG Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition For 36 Bucks
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Would you back a kickstarter to port IllusionSoft games to USA? (Poll)
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Would you say MMORPGs are designed to consume more time than other games?
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knep57235/4 7:08PM
Advice on new PC?
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SolidDBZ155/4 6:56PM
How is the PC version of MKX?
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The_Q225/4 6:49PM
What qualifies a game as F2P?
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Hozama265/4 6:49PM
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Bladestorm Nightmare Benchmark tool released!Broccoli9265/4 6:23PM
anyone remember the 1440p fanboys ripping anyone with 1080p monitors?
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snkboi115/4 6:17PM
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