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NVIDIA tried to press Oxide devs to cripple their game(like most devs do)
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Fony238/31 4:37PM
Guild Wars 2 or ESO:TU?
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Your predicted odds of FFXV coming to PC (Poll)
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lazycomplife448/31 4:20PM
Ahahahahahahah! That's a big one!
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Master_Faust228/31 4:16PM
How are the mobile/tablet versions of Shadowrun Returns and This War of Mine?OMI28/31 3:45PM
dsn unlockerACES696928/31 3:37PM
WWE 2K15 on PC is AMAZING.
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NewportBox100s508/31 3:22PM
MGS V (PC Version)...
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Logical_One218/31 3:10PM
Is there any way to stop mouse movement with key press?TerrisUS78/31 3:10PM
"Proper Disclosure" with video game promos from YouTubersKamenRiderBlade108/31 3:09PM
Does SLI suck with Witcher 3?
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MEBCitadel158/31 3:09PM
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World of Warcraft question.Doublesouba48/31 2:46PM
question for those that use infernal robotics in kerbal space programThat1Steve88/31 2:44PM
Is a $400 GAMING PC on par or ahead of PS4 stats-wise?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Retozeth468/31 2:40PM
Anyone know how the Ground Zero save file is transferred?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LaManoNeraII178/31 2:37PM
Can I run Skyrim on this laptop?ballisticfishy78/31 2:10PM
Bad news for people who like physical media: MGS5 Phantom Pain (Closed)KillerTruffle98/31 2:10PM
Who owns a curved monitor, and how do you like it?KamenRiderBlade48/31 2:06PM
Signs point to Overwatch beta happening very soonpothocket68/31 1:51PM