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Is Dark Souls 2 scholar on PC a big upgrade from the first 360 version?
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Accidentally changed the resolution of a game to the wrong setting... help?
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flame030191134/19 4:03PM
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GPU Marketshare: 300 Series Better Show Progress
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Recommended Fan Controllers?GunsSlashRoses24/19 3:19PM
I don't like the fact that the Borderlands creator left Gearbox
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galfasanta1111204/19 2:55PM
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EVGA GTX 760 noiseAsh77834/19 2:38PM
Do you still have an optical drive installed in your main rig? (Poll)
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Dirk85UK644/19 2:35PM
corsair CX 430 watt - can i run a 280x/7970?TitanStrike64/19 2:32PM
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unsolidsnake224/19 2:32PM
Just picked random parts, how would these be for a 1st timer?
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LittleYami124/19 2:31PM