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so... am I the only pc gamer who doesn't use steam?
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ThePollGuy544211/28 2:47PM
Have you officially joined the 4K Master Race yet? (Poll)
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How does a 970 handle 1440p?BL4NK3D911/28 2:30PM
Last time you formatted your PC and re-installed your OS? (Poll)EpicKingdom_1011/28 2:23PM
Nood Audio Questionacangial311/28 2:19PM
Got a free 7970.. Should I crossfire my 7950 or ugrade?shanjo311/28 2:15PM
Upgrading my GTX 580, shall i upgrade my i5 2500k?
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Jedthehead911511/28 2:10PM
Should I just go with this R9 290?KOMalander1011/28 2:07PM
Is using MSI afterburner fan curve cause issues on fans on the long run?rockman11_z611/28 2:05PM
Amazon's Black Friday Sale on Games has Started
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pokemanx1511/28 2:04PM
Will an fx8350 bottleneck a 970?
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EightDayCandler2811/28 2:01PM
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ac unity i need moneyBilly Trance211/28 1:58PM
Would Fast GPU Compensate for Slower CPUymmac1707811/28 1:52PM
Need help configuring laptop to export hdmi sound when using Nvidia cardUncleGrubby111/28 1:37PM
Help with upgrading graphics card?SuperMario1998311/28 1:32PM
It's like a total black eclipse..Origin has better Black Friday deals than Steam
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Trance_Fan2311/28 1:26PM
Is Half-Life 1 a must play game?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Dirk85UK3011/28 1:11PM
Program that can control PC mouse with phone?BringBackDaRift411/28 1:10PM