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Does anyone know how to make the big ass UI smaller in Star Wars KOTOR 2?Jedi454610/8 8:52AM
SLI/Crossfire Is The Worst Choice For Gaming - Explanation Inside (Closed)
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PC gaming is awesome but sitting at a desk isn't (Closed)
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How much more technically advanced are video games gonna get?
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GuillermoGage1810/8 6:45AM
I wanted to share this video with Gfaqs
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megamanx12912510/8 6:31AM
10 hours in Baldurs Gate 2 has opened my eyes on what gaming has become
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Epic_Writer10010/8 6:23AM
Baldur's Gate in-depth analysisLilura310/8 6:10AM
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asus rog laptopdragongodmode210/8 5:36AM
How can I tell how much my PC is worth?
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Kanjo_Bazooie1510/8 5:32AM
can you still install a technical preview of windows 10, and will it register?auginiste510/8 4:19AM
Selling my old video card, how much should I try to get for it?supermansdog210/8 4:10AM
UT: What the hell is this madnessRaging_water910/8 3:52AM
Name a game that made you forget real life
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Gameismelife3310/8 3:23AM
So, will this work? (Transferring a install of Windows 10 from a HDD to a SSD)Pokenub210/8 3:19AM