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Gabe Newell is answering questions regarding this fiasco.
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seabasstian614/26 9:42AM
DLC crowd: "DLCs are optional, no one is forcing you to buy them"
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R0N1N187474/26 9:37AM
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Have you purchased a mod yet? (Poll)
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Can people really not afford mods?
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SaQu1B314/26 9:04AM
So once the smoke clears the only free mods will be AO rated modsSinisterSlay94/26 9:03AM
Just think, there are people on this board that have already bought some mods.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SergeantPenguin204/26 9:02AM
PSA: F.E.A.R. Collection is on sale for $2 @ Nuuvem (Steam Keys)
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DjHotness284/26 8:57AM
my keychainnothingisnot64/26 8:51AM
Didn't they say valve got 75% and the modder and developer split 25%?k1lo1984/26 8:50AM
Any essential mods for Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete?Jedi45424/26 8:27AM
Gaming on a budget help
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Darkstorm16224/26 8:19AM