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ugh i was trying to wait until ark survival came out on the xbox
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vayne1451811/25 5:57PM
Stream PS4 games to the PC? YES PLEASE!!!
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ECOsvaldo1711/25 5:56PM
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can i put windows on an ssd before installing it in my new build?DENGUIN211/25 5:27PM
So, FireFox is beginning to function worse and worse day by day.
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Jiryn6311/25 5:25PM
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I have W3 on GoG, will steam controller work with it?Noyack911/25 4:24PM
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I am looking for an Indie JRPG with a world on caliber of the PSX-era FF games.
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TheEnd2711/25 3:11PM
Kotaku talks about being blacklisted by Bethesda & Ubisoft, any thoughts?
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KamenRiderBlade32911/25 3:00PM
So No more daily deals right? What's on sale is going to be the only stuff?TheEnd311/25 2:53PM
Why does my laptop stutter video?
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Dave40k1111/25 2:49PM