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XCOM 2 players, thoughts on turn timers?
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What are some good games in the big Steam sale?
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Xcom 2 .ini tweaks for performanceHonestAbe7312/6 12:22AM
Can a laptop 970m compete with the PS4 graphics card??
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Xcom 2 still worth picking?bubbub0142/5 11:55PM
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Ant Simulator Business Partners Respond, Dev's Claims '100 Percent Bull****'
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ECOsvaldo402/5 11:13PM
1st person view games are generic.Mr kitty82/5 11:12PM
Hard Drive and 10 infoSardaSage12/5 11:04PM
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A file on my SD card won't copy to my PC. (3DS related)SkittyOnWailord22/5 10:53PM
Why can't I like Undertale as much as everybody else?
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LustforRevenge542/5 10:40PM
About to start XCOM 2, my first XCOM, what do I need to know?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
protools1983262/5 10:30PM
2016 is year of the "Hero Shooter"! Which one excites you most?Nega352/5 10:22PM
Anyone else hyped for Warhammer Total War?ColdOne666102/5 10:15PM
Should I buy Squad or not?boochy42/5 10:14PM