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Sticking with one game is hard nowadays
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How do you feel about games like Tomb Raider, Enslaved, etc
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Are Pc gamers excited for Star Wars Battlefront ? (Poll)
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xenosaga1235310/2 7:53PM
5820k or 6700 for sli?Stalker415410/2 6:30PM
Bought only the best again.
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noname2782510/2 6:25PM
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Wat is your favorite Blizzard story? (Poll)
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Big_Nabendu4310/2 5:54PM
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worth buying premiumhitman241010/2 5:19PM
Whats better?Darkstaru710/2 5:09PM
So apparently Might and Magic Heroes 7 is really buggy?
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nurnberg1210/2 4:47PM
Are you planning to subscribe to Humble Bundle Monthly? (Poll)
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Duken131710/2 4:35PM
Business Idea, could use some input!
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LeTHaL_PiRaTe1310/2 4:24PM