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DirectX 12 vs. Vulkan ... what would you choose?
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ECOsvaldo227/29 1:54PM
So how has Windows 10 been for PC gamers so far?
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Ron1989127/29 1:53PM
First time building a PC. Looking for something cheap. Need recommendations.
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XxmonsterxX197/29 1:48PM
Edge browser is nicecosmicstarfish157/29 1:47PM
Be aware: Surround sound not supported by Windows 10!!
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killerfox127/29 1:44PM
Oh look . . .Windows 10 doesn't work
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lmAtWork117/29 1:42PM
So far so good using Windows 10.EpicKingdom_17/29 1:38PM
Water Cooling: "Closed Loop" vs "Custom Loop" (Poll)KamenRiderBlade17/29 1:37PM
Can I still reserve W10?hunter123547/29 1:36PM
Windows 10 broke my thunderbird :(megamanfreakXD107/29 1:34PM
How do I remove the ads/recommendations in Win10 start menu?
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The_Q147/29 1:33PM
How do I download Windows 10?blaze999027/29 1:26PM
Install W10 and now it says my product key doesn't work afterupgradingRuzz977/29 1:25PM
Windows 10 is very soon. Everyone bought their popcorn?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
SinisterSlay327/29 1:23PM
So is the response time for Steam Support 1-4 weeks?cha0s zer017/29 1:20PM
So what's the word on the 6700kmacmahon18737/29 1:19PM
Can I switch back to Windows 7 from Windows 10, if I wan to?COAndy47/29 1:16PM
Confused about DX12/SLIMEBCitadel17/29 1:13PM
Best PC purchase this year?
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Taitao197/29 1:08PM