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Feminism, toxicity, videos games, and internet.
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happyscrub17911/25 10:16PM
You want the enhanced version of Dark Souls 2? re-buy it!
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Jedi4547511/25 10:13PM
Is there a wireless version of this mouse, or one similar to it?superstud69x111/25 10:07PM
Ok, hate on me all you want... but...
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chase1234life4511/25 10:02PM
Uplay B1G1 FreeQuestofChosen411/25 9:52PM
Most grossly overpriced RAMFade2black001811/25 9:32PM
Is there any way to make clickable links in Google Chrome?MrMonkhouse211/25 9:09PM
So how do you get your Steam screenshot onto the community page?InferiorPeasant311/25 9:06PM
Looking for a Dirt Cheap laptop for older games.EvilBookworm211/25 8:56PM
Good place to get a TV this black friday?
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PotatosPls2011/25 8:51PM
Screen Tearing ... help plz_STORM_OF_ONE_811/25 8:41PM
Best low end card?RubMyDucky711/25 8:38PM
Best way to transfer steam games from HD to SSD?iPWNtheNoobs511/25 8:38PM
any luxury things i can add to my pcGameVisions1011/25 8:24PM
Is it me or is Metro Last Light bad. early game spoilersSonyHoundDawg711/25 8:20PM
Geometry Wars 3 coming tomorrow, can't wait!!!sonicteam2k1911/25 8:19PM
Is there any performance difference between using a DVI cable vs. an HDMI?mgsfreak1688211/25 7:57PM
Alien Isolation for $25, 50% offStormKMD811/25 7:53PM
Best HDD for bulk storage?booboy811/25 7:53PM
what game on sale on origin is worth getting???
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itachi001511/25 7:51PM