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I thought Overwatch was $40 for PC?iPr0kkaFTW95/26 8:44PM
Will I be ok to add this RAM to my current setup?Scody45/26 8:34PM
When are we gonna get a triple A title furry game?
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CecilIsCool715/26 8:26PM
The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine has the best PC graphics of all time
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snkboi425/26 8:21PM
Need some help with Excel/Google Sheets.YonicBoom45/26 8:10PM
Sometimes I like rewatching particular scenes in a game when I haven't finished
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Laocedric16135/26 8:03PM
What do you guys think of this?Retrowire25/26 7:51PM
How long until we start to see third party 1080 cards?26_Sandman_3955/26 7:22PM
Need some advice
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importvita275/26 6:45PM
What PC game are you most looking forward to in 2016?
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BrokenMachine85555/26 6:38PM
Are Non Founders cards selling tomorrow?farigonti55/26 6:23PM
Should I replace my 2TB+ISRT 64GB for a 1TB SSD...?Powertranz105/26 6:22PM
1080 reference card, then later getting a Hybrid water cooler a viable option?
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draxenz165/26 6:15PM
Bought the Splinter Cell bundle from sale. Question.Cruel_Dovahki1n15/26 6:11PM
My harddrive is almost 6 years old. I need help backing it uprexbaner255/26 5:59PM
Is there any competitive solo game that's like an MMO but requires skill?
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Conker265/26 5:56PM
Upgrading my windows XP machine - been out of the loop need some helpMyzticRedPanda25/26 5:51PM
To those who use Origin Access, the vault just got more gamesThe_Ninjadillo95/26 5:14PM
For those who work in the IT field, what's your typical work routine like?
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KainReaver109285/26 4:31PM
so GTX 1080 release.....xcmon3yx225/26 4:24PM