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What's the best new Assassin's Creed game?
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Ser_Jaker266/26 6:16PM
So many games, and so little time. How do you guys prioritize what you play?
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Are the Half-Life games still good to play?
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Which game do you think is too advance for it's time?
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jhon2345376/26 5:43PM
Just bought a $50 steam card help me spend it!
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killaSeason007146/26 5:34PM
What strategy games are you playing currently?Cool_Dude66796/26 5:29PM
Are Steam sales getting worse?
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EpicKingdom_866/26 5:07PM
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Anyone play Golf With Your Friends?kaMMakaZZi2926/26 4:42PM
Is such thing even exists?Lobomoon76/26 4:41PM
Anyone thjnk Technomancer will be any good?
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kryptonsson136/26 4:28PM
GTA V or Dark Souls III?
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I_Am_Fire306/26 4:26PM