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Might be time to upgrade the CPU. How much better performance with an i5 6600k?
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arjames13136/26 7:56PM
Hidden gems of the steam sale?
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Is PC Gaming Becoming More Accepted In Society?
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don_sf146/26 7:34PM
How many case fans do u have in your PC case?
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xtacb416/26 7:29PM
Finding that communication and teamwork are difficult, Overwatch to change Torbrunrom66/26 7:15PM
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I have a question about the BLOPS III starter packszunega16/26 6:54PM
Kill to Collect and Punch Club...Either of these worth gettingkryptonsson16/26 6:42PM
what happened to MMOs?
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BlindtoDream576/26 6:36PM
Looks like it's time to upgrade.Chagen4676/26 6:30PM
System Shock Kickstarter starting June 28th, demo releasing on same dayArcadeGuy26/26 6:29PM
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What's the best new Assassin's Creed game?
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Ser_Jaker266/26 6:16PM
Tabletop Simulator - worth it if my friends don't get it?kaMMakaZZi2936/26 5:59PM
How is chroma squad?Whackozacko2336/26 5:48PM
Are the Half-Life games still good to play?
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Yorkshire_14186/26 5:47PM
So how's everyone enjoying Mighty number 9?Huolihan66/26 5:46PM